Welcome - About Us

My name is Nick Huelsman, and I am responsible for DashHound, a Comporium Technology at Comporium.

What we do is all about relationships.  At the heart of it is the men and women of DashHound working to power the technology that connects you to all the things to keep your business moving forward. Every step of the way, we’re listening to our customer’s needs and wants, looking for ways to improve both ourselves and the communities we serve.

DashHound offers a full range of digital advertising and lead generation solutions to help you grow your business. We know it's not just about the technology – it's about your brand identity.

Our goal is to ensure that every individual we are in contact with receives a personal and memorable experience with DashHound, a Comporium Technology, that truly makes their life easier.

We truly appreciate you and your business!


Thank you for choosing DashHound,

Nick Huelsman

Business Development Sales Manager – DashHound