Welcome - About Us

Hi, my name is Tyler Lee, and I am responsible for our team of Neighborhood Key Account Executives and Enterprise Builder Relations Executives here at Comporium.

What we do is all about relationships.  At the heart of it is the men and women of Comporium working to power the technology that connects you to all the things you love – friends, family, sports, shows and on and on.  Every step of the way, we’re listening to our customer’s needs and wants, looking for ways to improve both ourselves and the communities we serve.

Comporium offers builders, developers, and property managers reliable, fast internet service (including fiber, where available), streaming video, voice, and cutting-edge security and home automation services. From small to large subdivisions, Comporium will work with you to ensure that your community has the modern convenience features and innovative technologies that potential residents crave in today’s always-on-the-go world.

Our team consist of over 10 individuals ranging from 5 years of service to 40 years, which brings an array of knowledge from both our Residential and Business Service sectors. Our goal is to ensure every individual we are in contact with receives a personal and memorable experience with Comporium, one that truly makes their life easier. 

We truly appreciate you and your business!

While our team is always ready and available to assist you, know that I am here for you as well.  My team and I will be in touch from time to time but never hesitate to reach out, we are always here to help!


Thank you for choosing Comporium, 

Tyler Lee